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Are you safeguarding your digital life?
Find out and Fix it.

Technology Online Exploitability Safeguards or TOES, provides 'how-to' guides and educational materials which elevates people's knowledge of how to setup safety features on all devices. In addition, we work with partners to provide discounts for security products and with experts who provide step-by-step guidance in the form of written and video tutorials.

To keep this program as low-cost and free so everyone can access it, we need your help:

  • Submit "How-To" guides to our team and get recognized for your amazing contribution to help protect lives

  • Donate money to the program

Launching Soon!

About TOES

Technology (hardware and software) has grown so fast and it's amazing! Even more amazing is the amount of data we create every day, nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. 

Imagine if it got into the wrong hands? Scary, right?

Unfortunately, it already is. Criminals monitor us by the information we share or which is readily available online and bank on our lack of knowledge on technology and many times on our vanity, greed and need for attention.

In 2022, cybercrimes cost companies, governments and people just like us nearly $8.3 Trillion dollars and in 2023 this number is expected to reach a staggering $11 Trillion dollars!

To address this increase in cybercrimes, it's critical to have the knowledge to protect ourselves and our loved ones with better online hygiene. However, with advent of technology it's increasingly difficult to know how to put some of these safeguards in place.

That's why we created Technology and Online Exploitability Safeguards or TOES!

TOES is a set of how to guides created by technology experts to make it easier for everyone, especially those who are note technology savvy to setup the safeguards so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Criminals need our information to get to us in any meaningful way, so if it's our information they need... then let's make it a little bit harder to get to it, shall we?

Contribute to TOES


Must fit one of the following:

  • Password Managers

  • Virus Protection Software

  • Device Settings

  • App Permissions

  • Metadata from Social Sharing

Submit idea

Submit your idea to the TOES Team at The Parasol Cooperative by filling out the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page.

Include the following: 

  • Title

  • Summary of Guide

  • What benefit can be gained from the guide.

submit guide

Once, we review your idea and if the TOES team reaches out to you for your guide, they will provide you with instructions on the submission process.

Please do not send an email asking for the status of your idea. The team will notify you if your idea is selected or not selected.

share guide

TOES team will highlight your submission on their social media and in the TOES library to ensure the world knows about your amazing contribution to using #Tech2Protect.

We encourage you to share your guide on social channels as well and will provide you with the information you need to share.

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