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The Parasol Cooperative Welcomes Erin Gallagher to Its Board of Directors

The Parasol Cooperative is thrilled to welcome Erin Gallagher, CEO and Founder of Ella, to its Board of Directors. With over 20 years of remarkable experience leading global marketing, communications, media relations and more, her addition to the Parasol mission is truly invaluable. 


Erin is a powerhouse of leadership, creativity and entrepreneurship. You might know her as the founder of the Hype Women Movement; she transformed a moment (Jamie Lee Curtis celebrating Michelle Yeoh’s Golden Globes Best Actress win) into a powerful global Movement inspiring women to support one another and to celebrate themselves. Erin relentlessly advocates for women, not only through her viral LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram posts and as the CEO and founder of Ella, an inclusive ecosystem unlocking women’s access to human, social and financial capital; but also through her role as executive producer and host of The Hype Women Podcast. Now, she extends her advocacy to support survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking by joining the Parasol team. 

Erin Gallagher


“I’m grateful to be joining the Board of Parasol, whose mission lives deep in my heart as a survivor, advocate and activist working to make the world a better place for women. Because when we do, everybody benefits. Megs’ brilliance, courage and tenacity drew me in from the moment I met her – and so, being asked to join her in this work is my honor.” 

-Erin Gallagher 


Having started her career at a non-profit dedicated to ending discrimination and harassment of military personnel affected by the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Erin embodies compassion and deeply understands the gaps in social justice that need to be addressed. Her firsthand experience in the non-profit space is highly valued at Parasol, making her uniquely empathetic to the challenges faced. Erin went on to expand the breadth of her career, counseling leadership at some of the world’s biggest brands like United Airlines, McDonald's, and LinkedIn, and has even counseled The White House. 

With her extensive knowledge, it’s no surprise that Erin’s writing and work have been featured in top publications such as Fortune, The New York Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine. To add to her incredible achievements, Erin is a mother, author, podcast host, speaker, athlete, femtech torchbearer, and abortion beneficiary. If there’s anyone who exemplifies strength and determination, it’s Erin.

While her incredible expertise and impact on the world could be discussed endlessly, the message is clear; Erin is an outstanding woman who challenges systems and disrupts norms. As a company at the intersection of technology and activism, The Parasol Cooperative couldn’t be more excited to have her wisdom and energy to support its mission. 

Megs Shah, CEO and Board Chair shared a statement expressing her excitement and joy about this appointment: "I am thrilled to welcome Erin Gallagher to our board. Erin brings a wealth of experience and a transformative vision for gender equity through technology. Her innovative spirit and dedication to empowering women align perfectly with our mission to protect and support survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking. We are confident that her contributions will significantly advance our collective efforts and are excited to embark on this journey together."

-Megs Shah

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