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Got Tech "How To" Questions?
We've got answers.

Our Think Tank is a live workshop style session where organizations can ask questions about technology and technology safety from technology experts. While the discussions start in our live workshop, they continue in our online community.

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About the Think Tank

Small and mid-sized organizations who did not have a dedicated IT department, turned to outsourcing or trying to enable technology on their own. While this helped during the pandemic, more and more organization found that they needed a better way to collaborate...

Whether that was on technology products, how to implement cybersecurity measures, or finding ways to protect the organizations details from being leaked online. These simple questions became daunting and confusing to solve for with online searches.

We found a need to connect orgs to experts and our Think Tank was born.


How does it work?


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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Think Tank:

  • What is the "Think Tank"?​​


It is a workshop style online meeting, typically via Zoom, where we review questions submitted by organizations about technology "how to" or advice on using certain technologies with technology experts who provide guidance and steps that can be taken to address the question or concern.

  • What kinds of questions can I ask?

All technology related questions can be submitted.​

  • When and how many questions can I submit?

We collect all questions 2 weeks prior to the session and you can submit up to 3 questions. This is to ensure we have the right experts on the call who can help give practical and implementable "how to" guidance to your questions. Last thing we want is to give you generic information that is not actionable.

In addition, we try to consolidate the questions that are similar before the sessions so it is important to get these ahead of time to make the best use of everyone's time.

  • How frequently do you have these "Think Tanks"?​​


We hold them as needed. If there are a lot of questions we will schedule several within a month, if there are not many we will schedule 1x per month. To know when the next session is happening, sign up (link) to reserve your spot.

  • How much does it cost to attend one? If I am just listening in, do I still have to pay?


In order to cover costs, we ask all participants to donate $35 dollars per session. Regardless if you asked questions or are just listening in, we ask for this donation.


If you are one of our member organizations, these live sessions are complimentary. Learn more about the membership program email us via our Contact form..

  • What happens after I attend one of these?


We will invite you to join our annual membership program. It is not required that you join, but it is beneficial because it allows you to continue the dialogue in our online community and allows you to attend future "Think Tanks" for free. Learn more about our memberships in the FAQ below.

  • What is the maximum number of participants? How many typically attend these sessions?


To have a productive workshop maximum number of organization participants is 10, we limit this number to ensure a quality discussion.

  • How long is one "Think Tank" session?


Typically these sessions are 90 minutes long to allow for robust discussions.

  • Are the technology experts who participate in the session also in the online community? Do you screen them?


Yes, the are in our online community and we do screen them (need something for this). There are community rules in place to help manage the content and connections.


We encourage organization participants to join our membership because they can engage with these experts in between live "Think Tanks" either as follow ups or new questions that they are encountering. Learn more about our membership program.

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