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Trusted by Organizations.
Created by Survivors.

SafeConnect is a uniquely designed case management tool with a companion app for survivors to request services. It is tailored to the processes and workflow of domestic violence and human trafficking organizations all while putting the control back into the hands of the survivor.

About SafeConnect

Many organizations use CRM tools like Salesforce and Hubspot as a way to manage their list of clients. However, these tools need to be highly customized and still don't support specific activities like, transitioning of clients and coordination of services.

We worked with advocates, admins, and survivors for the last two years to hone in on the most important features to provide advocates an easier experience with their daily activities.

The three principles we applied to designing and building SafeConnect:

  1. Must reduce time for advocates
    2. Must be easy to use, minimal to no training required
    3. Put control of requesting time or services into the hands of survivors

What organizations have to say about SafeConnect...

"We love how the team at Parasol is dedicated to protecting survivors. As survivors themselves they have a unique point of view and adding technology on top of it has allowed them to create services and products that can really change how survivors are engaged and supported. It is a trauma informed process and we are excited to see what the team will launch!"

-- Advocate from Anonymous Organization in Massachusetts 

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