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The Parasol Cooperative Welcomes New Member to the Board of Directors.

Updated: May 5, 2021

The Parasol Cooperative is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Fairuz Ahmed, Co-Founder of the Parasol Cooperative, as their new member of the Board of Directors.

Ms. Ahmed is passionate about helping underserved populations and marginalized communities all around the world. In her home state New York, and her origin country of Bangladesh, she has been involved in community outreach, fundraising efforts, and empowerment projects for the last 23 years. She is committed to amplifying the efforts of nonprofit organizations she works with by tapping into her entrepreneurship experience as a successful business owner, journalist, and writer.

"Being the daughter of an amazing woman who has an incredible presence in launching schools and supporting an entire community in Bangladesh, I take a huge amount of gratitude, having an upbringing that fostered philanthropy. As a single mother of 3 daughters, a Muslim immigrant in the United States, and a woman of color, I have experienced the challenges first hand. There are many unique ways we can create opportunities for the underprivileged and foster ways for rehabilitation without being bound by prejudice"

-Ms. Ahmed

Her work outside of The Parasol Cooperative and past experiences allows her to give a unique perspective on challenges faced in the Asian communities here in the United States and abroad. She will lend her experience as a way to inform decisions from a survivor's point of view to ensure our technology and services are keeping them at the forefront.

Ms. Shah, CEO and Board Chair said in a statement expressing her excitement and joy about this appointment: "Fairuz is my sounding board when thinking of new ideas and as a board member she provides a sense of reality to issues faced by survivors and advocates. I am truly grateful to have such an amazing co-founder and board member."

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