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Peace Development Fund Fiscally Sponsors The Parasol Cooperative

Updated: May 5, 2021

New Jersey - October 14th 2020 - The Parasol Cooperative, is excited to announce that they have secured a fiscal sponsorship with the Peace Development Fund. A fiscal sponsorship will allow The Parasol Cooperative to raise funds for their programs and sponsor memberships from individuals, foundations, as well as corporate and government sources that give only to nonprofit organizations with IRS tax-exempt status while they work on their own tax-exempt status.

"We are thrilled to be working with and represented by the Peace Development Fund as our fiscal sponsor. From the moment we reached out till signing the dotted line to confirm the sponsorship has been an amazing experience. They have a great reputation for helping organizations who strive to foster peace and non-violence not only with fundraising, but also with marketing and other useful skills development. We look forward to raising the funds we need with their oversight and guidance," says Ms. Shah.

Ms. Shah, President and CEO along with the entire team at The Parasol Cooperative are survivors, advocates and technologists who collectively bring over three decades of experience to fundamentally change how domestic abuse organizations and survivors communicate with each other.

"It is a challenging time to raise funds especially this year with COVID impacting so many businesses and organizations, but we have to do it if we want to give these victims who are stuck at home with abusers a chance to get the help they seek. This technology and set of programs we have planned for organizations is timely and important given the uptick in domestic abuse cases during the lock-down." Ms. Shah says they are planning to raise the funds for the project with grants and donations online from generous individuals, companies, and organizations who have a passion for ending domestic abuse by helping survivors and organizations safely communicate with each other. For donation inquires, please visit the organization's Donation Page.

The Parasol Cooperative will be a developing programs and software that help empower and accelerate the work of organizations who run safety and extraction programs for victims of domestic abuse. The traditional methods won’t help and with the advent of technology this team is well on it’s way to researching and developing a solution that works for all parties involved.

Ms. Shah says "the quicker we can raise funds the faster we can get this solution in the hands of people who really need it, which is what makes this fiscal sponsorship announcement comes at the right time."

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