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Holding Hands
Our Solution
Our Mission


We are a group of survivors, advocates and technologists who believe that everyone deserves a safe and healthy environment to live. As such it is critical that we empower organizations who provide safety services and survivors with technological tools, knowledge and programs which accelerate their work and allow them to help more individuals who are seeking safety.

Our membership programs focus on enhancing the work of organizations who execute safety and programs for vulnerable and under-served populations – especially populations affected by domestic violence within the United States and across the globe. Creating a global 'parasol of protection' as a cooperative community of organizations and survivors.

The Parasol Cooperative, a fiscally sponsored project of the Peace Development Fund, and is currently a pending 501c(3) organization.


We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy environment.

Currently Enrolling Founding Members by Invite Only. Founding members benefit from low to no cost of member services if accepted during pre-launch.
Founding Member Invitation Requests and Enrollment Ends 2/15/2021
Membership Services

** Currently in development and provided as an add-on to membership

Case Management Technology** 


Enables organizations and victims to: 


Safely communicate with each other via multiple channels.

Easy collection of data for analysis and case management to help reduce coordination and data-entry overhead for advocates.

Technology Training and Skills Development


Seminars and trainings for best use of technology in organizations in order to reduce operational costs.

Technology training for job skills needed for survivors of our member organizations to get back on their feet.

Cooperative Community of Organizations

Build communities for organizations to collaborate with each other on strategies to implement and execute safety programs.

Cooperating to assist victims of abuse within and across country borders.

Survivor's "Net" of Support

Build Communities for survivors because the real fight is internal and going at it with a support network has proven to provide better and healthier outcomes.

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