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  • What is SafeConnect?
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  • Who does Ruth help?
    Ruth helps anyone and everyone navigate the digital world safely and confidently. Below are examples of how Ruth can be leveraged for various needs. Parents: Ruth helps parents by providing effective ways to approach the topic of online safety with their kids, helping educate them on digital security. Additionally, Ruth offers step-by-step device security setups, guidance on avoiding scams, and recommendations for privacy tools and resources for the whole family. Teens: Teens can rely on Ruth for concise, relevant information tailored to their tech use, along with quick tips for enhancing online security and privacy. Ruth also identifies and explains types of phishing scams, offers resources for further learning, and provides support for dealing with abuse or stalking situations. Survivors: Ruth helps survivors by building personalized safety plans to avoid being tracked by abusers, providing resources for local support services, connecting them to online support groups, and sharing educational materials on digital safety. Ruth's trauma-informed approach ensures sensitive responses, helping survivors avoid triggers. Elderly: Ruth helps the elderly by providing simple instructions on setting up security and privacy, teaching them to identify and avoid scams, and offering friendly, patient guidance tailored to their tech knowledge, enabling them to be more independent online. Organizations: Organizations can utilize Ruth to create personalized tech safety plans for clients and organize virtual tech safety workshops for both staff and clients. Ruth also serves as a centralized resource hub, offers tips on safe browsing practices, and helps clients navigate privacy settings to protect their personal information. Tech Novices: Tech novices can benefit from Ruth's beginner's guide to online safety, social media privacy guidance, and simplified explanations of complex tech terms. Additionally, Ruth notifies users about important software updates and assists in setting up new devices.
  • Will Ruth be helpful for someone who is not tech-savvy?
    Yes, Ruth can provide answers and advice to people of all levels of tech proficiency.
  • Can my organization use this?
    Currently, Ruth can answer general questions to help your organization. It is continuously being trained and we love getting input from actual users incorporated, so if you have specific questions that you hoped Ruth could answer, please fill out our Feature or Training Request Form.
  • How can Ruth assist survivors of domestic violence?
    Ruth provides trauma-informed responses to give advice as well as resources to help survivors get the catered support they need. However, keep in mind, Ruth is only trained for certain scenarios and is also NOT a human. So, we always suggest that you speak with a human at an organization, and Ruth can provide that based on your location.
  • How does Ruth support parents in discussing tech safety with their children?
    Ruth is like your friend that you have over for coffee. She offers parents clear information and practical advice on tech safety topics, such as setting up parental controls and recognizing online predators. It also provides tips for having open, sensitive conversations with children about responsible technology use. You know your kids the best, Ruth is that added support to help you structure your conversations for all the rebuttals you would get from your kids.
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