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Together we can build technology and services which are made...

For Survivors. By Survivors.

For Advocates. By Advocates.

Our Vision & Mission

We are a group of survivors, advocates and technologists who believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy environment, devoid of violence and abuse.



We have a vision to protect life through technology.



As such, in order to help more individuals be safe and create a multiplier effect, we set out to empower and accelerate the work of our member organizations by offering them technology tools, knowledge and services.

Our membership services focus how technology can enhance the work of organizations who execute safety programs for vulnerable and under-served populations – especially populations affected by domestic violence within the United States and across the globe.

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Our "Why"

Being survivor led has helped us ensure the technology built doesn't just help organizations be efficient, but above all keeps survivors safe and on a journey to healing.

As such, our priority this year is to...

  • Launch Domestic Violence Advocacy Professionals Network

  • Launch Operational Services to reduce costs for organizations

  • Launch Safe Communication and Case Management Technology


If possible we would also like to


  • Launch a Survivor’s Net: (Last 2021/Early 2022)

  • Create and disseminate educational services for advocates and survivors: (Last 2021/Early 2022)

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Image by Danielle MacInnes

It all started when...

In March 2020 when Megs and Fairuz heard “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” Their first thought was “What if home isn’t a safe place? How will these people reach out for help?”

So when they heard about the TechStars Startup Weekend COVID event in April 2020, they jumped at the opportunity to build out their idea with a group of motivated team members over a weekend.

Since then the team has evolved it's vision and mission to be what it is today. By using existing organizations' ability to reach survivors and enhancing their reach and services through technology they hope to create a multiplier effect.

Meet The Board

Megs Shah

Co-Founder, CEO and

Chairwoman of the Board

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Fairuz  (1).jpg
Fairuz Ahmed

Co-Founder and Director

on the Board

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Maria Image Cover for Blog Story.png
Maria Butler

Global Programme Director

at WILPF and

Director on the Board

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