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The Storm.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.
But what if home isn't safe?

The spike might be temporary, but these problems will remain long after Covid-19 is gone.

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Lack of Communicating Safely

Victims of abuse need safer and easier ways to request time sensitive services from domestic violence organizations. Nearly 50% of domestic violence cases go unreported every year due to the fear of getting caught, as well as social and language barriers.

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Underutilization of Technology

Domestic violence organizations need to embrace the use of technology to help improve service delivery and reduce operational costs.

Calls for help are short and frantic, and domestic abuse organizations are looking for better and more cost-efficient ways to use technology and translational services.


Quotes from research done by Adiel Kaplan NBC News

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Limited ability to collaborate amongst advocates.

With the exception of coalitions, organizations still operate in silos limiting their ability to grow and learn from each other. 

So if they run into a problem for a case or operational issue they are limited with researching internally or discussing it at a planned coalition event/meeting.

Even worse, victims end up calling organizations either don't serve the geographical location or culture and aren't able to triage to an organization who could support the survivor. Leaving the survivor in angst of finding another organization who can help.


Minimal Peer Support for Survivors

Traditionally, organizations have in person support meetings, but with COVID these were moved online via Zoom. With resource constraints, the organizations struggle to create a meaningful peer support group outside of these meetings. 

A Study by Mental Health of America found peer support groups help:

  • Improves a person’s quality of life;

  • Increases and improves engagement with services and the relationship with the service providers;

  • Increases whole health and self-management

  • Reduces reverting to unhealthy habits and relationships

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