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Protecting Life Through Technology
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Currently Enrolling Founding Members by Invite Only. Founding members benefit from low-to-no-cost of member services if accepted during pre-launch.


Founding Member Invitation Requests and

Enrollment Ends 2/15/2021


Membership Services

Case Management Technology** 


Enables organizations and victims to: 


  • Safely communicate with each other via multiple channels.

  • Easy collection of data for analysis and case management to help reduce coordination and data-entry overhead for advocates.

**Currently in development and provided as an add-on to membership

Technology Training and Skills Development 


  • Seminars and trainings for best use of technology in organizations in order to reduce operational costs.

  • Technology training for job skills needed for survivors of our member organizations to get back on their feet.

Cooperative Community of Organizations 

  • Build communities for organizations to collaborate with each other on strategies to implement and execute safety programs.

  • Cooperating to assist victims of abuse within and across country borders.

Survivor's "Net" of Support 


  • Build Communities for survivors because the real fight is internal and going at it with a support network has proven to provide better and healthier outcomes.

Become a Member

We are currently enrolling members by invitation only.

Enrollment ends 2/15/21.

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