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The Parasol Cooperative

Protecting Life Through Technology

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy environment, devoid of violence and abuse.

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The Storm

Globally, domestic violence or the 'shadow pandemic' has exasperated many existing challenges faced by victims of abuse and domestic violence organizations.


As a group of domestic violence survivors, advocates, and technologists we have a vision to protect life through technology. As such, to help more individuals be safe and create a multiplier effect, we set out on a mission to empower and accelerate the work of our member organizations through our membership services.


Our Pledge to Protect

We pledge to help victims of abuse find safer and easier ways to communicate and request time-sensitive services from domestic violence organizations.​

We pledge to help domestic violence organizations embrace technology, so that they can improve and accelerate the delivery of their services while reducing operational costs.

We pledge to be trauma-informed in developing communities for advocacy professionals and survivors to create a global "Parasol of Protection"



We are working with our founding partner organizations to offer helpful membership-based services to our community. Some examples of the services we plan to offer are shown below.

If you are an innovative organization looking to enable these services for your organization, join our pre-launch waiting list and be the first to know when membership is available.

​Membership tiers will be launching in June of 2021. 

Case Management & Communications Technology

Technology Services, Training & Skills Development

Domestic Violence Advocacy Professionals Network

Survivor's "Net"

of Support


Imagine if your donation helped a domestic violence organization save the life of a family member, friend, or even a stranger facing abuse. Wouldn't you want to donate?

YOU can make a difference by making a small donation today.


Every penny you contribute helps an organization reach more victims of abuse using technology and keeps that technology low to no cost for them to use.


Become the Parasol of Protection for someone today.



100% of your contribution goes toward developing safe ways for victims of abuse to request services, helping to reduce operational expenses for domestic violence organizations, and providing a support network for advocates and survivors to heal together.


Supporting The Parasol Cooperative aligns your organization with the most innovative solutions to accelerate the work of domestic violence organizations and the survivors they protect. Let's build a plan together.


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